Profitable House of urban society

It is hard to find another building in our city about which we can say - this house throughout its history was intended to serve people. This house was like a magnet which attracted extraordinary and bright people to him. This house was built by the famous philanthropist, industrialist and mayor, the merchant of the first guild - Fedor Petrovich Pereplyotchikov in the first quarter of the XIX century. In 1845, under the will of the owner of the house it was transferred to the city, so that the proceeds which derived from the rental of its premises, went to benefit the poor.

At various times, the building was handed under inns, offices of trading companies, hotels and banks. Apparently, it was here in 1867 at the inn of I.V. Smirnov, famous writer Lewis Carroll stopped by visiting our city, the person who left to people of Nizhny Novgorod invaluable notes about the history of the town.

Is necessary to note that at the time of Carroll, as in the days Pereplechikov, the building looked not so bright than now. The major reconstruction of the building, like of many buildings on this street, had place before the big Russian industrial and art exhibition in 1896. The design of the house was changed by renowned architect Vladimir Maksimovic Lemke who decided to build one more floor and performed the decoration so the house became one of the few monuments of the Nizhny Novgorod Art Nouveau which resembled the modern of St. Petersburg. In between the window openings there were masks of curly female heads, up above the cornice there were sculpted pylons with ovate figures. In 1901 the house was leased to Nikolaev public bank. It is necessary to talk about the bank some more.

Many of our contemporaries used to think that any bank aims to make a profit, primarily due to human misery and hardship. This is not entirely true, only because of the fact that for any organization, including the Bank, people are first and foremost, they form its basis and policy. Nikolaev city public bank was lucky with people. It was opened at the City Council May 9, 1864. The bank was named after the heir to the throne Crown Prince Nickolay Alexandrovich, who suggested the idea of bank creation during his visiting of our city in 1862. Initially, the bank was located in another building on the same street in the house of Meshchanskaya council. Financial basis for it became a summ of 25 thousand rubles which was donated by the famous merchant in Nizhny Novgorog - Fedor Andreevich Blinov. Many famous names of Nizhny Novgorod stood at the base of the bank. Michael G. Rukavishnikov has made interest-free contribution of 25 thousand rubles for three years in order to maintain the bank. Mayor Mitchurin found the way to give money from the city treasury of Verbal court and guardian fund with the total number 100 thousand rubles. The need of the Bank establishment was undeniable for trading city.

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